10 Of Dukes + 6 Originals


All About Jazz

Lacy’s artistry is on full display here; he makes the challenge of a solo recital sound like a piece of cake.
This web-only release, circulated by a group of Lacy enthusiasts who call themselves “The Senators,” is another marvelous reflection of Lacy’s talents--full of sophistication, grace and inventiveness.

Jay Collins (All About Jazz - 24/05/2003)

Proof positive that the best just keeps on getting better.

Todd S. Jenkins (All About Jazz - 05/2003)

The New York Sun

Mr. Lacy’s soprano work acknowledges the entire history of the instrument, referencing the influence of Bechet on the classic Ellington reed section sound all the way up to the free-jazz future of the saxophone. His reinterpretations of Ellington classics include some virtuoso distortions, which are perfectly in keeping with Ellington’s own taste for dissonance and disturbance.

The "10 of Dukes" are on the whole marvelous free interpretations of famous favorites, but Mr. Lacy maintains the integrity of the melodies while dressing them up with all matter of what The Maestro would call "tonal pantomine."

Will Friedwald (13/05/2003)

Blow Up (7/8)

Vi troverete dieci Duke Ellington reinventati dal vivo in modo magistrale. In a Mellow Tone, Prelude to a Kiss, In a Sentimental Mood, ecc., spogliati dell’ aureo involucro orchestrale mettono in mostra uno scheletrico fascino. Lacy è attentissimo a piazzare ogni nota al posto giusto, a variare di continuo e con intensità l’approccio alla materia, dimostrandosi pieno di inventiva e creatività. La seconda parte del set ci regala sei nuove improvvisazioni formulate a partire da testi letterari, in grado di mantenere alto lo standard complessivo del disco. Mr. Lacy non delude neppure stavolta.

Piercarlo Poggio (#58 – 03/2003)


"Steve Lacy proves us here that if Duke Ellington, his Master, transformed his orchestra into one chatoyant instrument, he succeeds himself in sounding all the colors of an orchestra with his mere saxophone.

Michel Contat (31 janvier 2003)

Jazz Magazine - one of the "Best records of 2002"

"10 of Dukes + 6 Originals" quoted three times (records with Steve Lacy as a leader or sideman 16 times, almost one time out of two!).

Jazz Magazine (December 2002)

Jazz Weekly

"One of his finest live recordings."

Fred Jung (Editor-in-Chief)

"The most recent example of Steve Lacy's mature musical preeminence.
A vital addition to the expansive Lacy catalogue, this CD, which can only be obtained through the Internet at www.senatorsrecords.com, should be welcomed by fans of Lacy, the saxophone or just plain improvised music lovers."

Ken Waxman (November 2002)

Downtown Music Gallery

"An immensely splendid and wonderfully recorded live solo performance. An obvious love of Duke Ellington's remarkable music is at the center of the first set's magical performance, this is certainly some of Steve Lacy's finest playing I've heard."

DMG (November 2002)

Jazz & Tzaz

As we do not understand Greek, we have simply scanned the whole page (24 x 33 cm !) devoted to "10 of Dukes + 6 Originals" in this magazine! (translation welcome…)

November 2002

The Wire

"Steve Lacy's level of concentration throughout is phenomenal, placing every note with his full attention. Lacy's sleevenote describes his attempts to capture some of the 'vivid colours' of the big band compositions through his use of extended techniques. True to his word, a succession of bends, blurs and skids best characterise his takes on Ellington."

Will Montgomey (October 2002)

Jazz Now

"The entire program is a resounding success; Lacy captures the orchestral colors that are at the core of Ellington's art. […] A musician at the top of his game, a huge, well-rounded tone, a powerful rhythmic drive, and most importantly, a singular awareness of the emotive aspects of music. In this complex aesthetic, borne of several decades of meticulous research, multiple forms including "polytones, smears, kisses," extreme glissandi exist solely to serve the musical content."
We are witness to storytelling of rare eloquence.  Lacy's music goes straight to the heart; and that's what sets him apart from the pack."

James D. Armstrong, Jr. (October 2002)

Jazz Break

"A rare disc, to get urgently. What a taste and what a technique!"

Laurent Valette (23 août 2002)

Jazz Magazine - disque d'émoi

"A blend of affection and disrespect without which there would be no jazz."

Philippe Carles (octobre 2002)

Le Monde

"Lacy still explores techniques which continue to be challenges to him, even after 40 years of soprano playing."

Sylvain Siclier (27 septembre 2002)


"Steve Lacy, soprano genius."

Serge Loupien (20 septembre 2002)

All About Jazz Italia

"Sulla scia del sito web personale di Steve Lacy, vede la luce una nuova etichetta, la Senators Records, grazie al supporto del produttore Vincent Lainé, curatore altresì del sito del sassofonista americano residente da moltissimi anni in Francia, ma da pochissimo tempo trasferitosi a Boston dopo aver accettato una cattedra presso il prestigioso New England Conservatory." [more…]

Francesco Varriale (23 août 2002)